What I Learned from Modeling in a Bridal Show

I modeled in a bridal show this past weekend, and it is amazing what little things you can notice during all of the hectic running back and forth and changing in and out of beautiful wedding dresses. I met and spoke with so many amazing women who really supported one another, whether they were brides-to-be or women helping with the event. This is what I learned from modeling in a bridal show:

Kindness, support, and understanding what is truly important are the keys to a happy bride and successful wedding.

The day began early with models getting their hair and makeup done and others trying to make sure that everything would be perfect for all of the excited and glowing guests that would soon be there. The first thing I noticed was the woman who was responsible for making the event spectacular. You could tell how fully immersed she was in trying to make sure everyone was happy and that the event would be a fun time for all of the guests. Not only did she have this event to plan, but she also has her own wedding coming up in a few weeks. I couldn’t imagine how much she had going through her mind, but it was inspirational to see someone prioritizing things this way. She was putting others first.

Once the models started getting pictures taken of their dresses, I headed over to a spot with the photographer to get some head shots. At this point, some of the guests were starting to trickle in. Before I knew it, a young woman and who I thought to be her mother came up to me. The young woman asked me if she could take a picture of my hair for her upcoming wedding and then proceeded to tell me how pretty I looked. I thought, “This whole show is about you and for you, and you are still so thoughtful to say something like that to me.” It seems like a really simple thing to say and do, but it’s little things like this (acts of kindness) that can really make women feel supported in times like this.

The time drew near for the first runway show, and the models were anxiously waiting in their first dresses. To pass the time, some women shared some personal, short stories about own upcoming weddings/past weddings (depending on if they were engaged or already married). This made me think of so many past weddings I have witnessed and stories I have heard. It seems like society today has become so obsessed with what a wedding will look like to other people. A bride-to-be worries about how her choices will upset others, and some women who know the bride-to-be worry about what attention they can get and stress about getting a certain role. It should NOT be about this. The main focus should be on the whole reason the wedding is happening in the first place…the bride and the groom.

For all women who truly support the bride and understand what is important, there should be no other issue than wanting the bride to be completely happy. (Note that I say wanting, because some brides can’t be pleased. All you can do is want what’s best for her.) I am not giving the bride-to-be permission to be a “bridezilla” (which can happen now and again and is a whole other issue). I always have a clear rule in my mind that you should treat the other person as you would want to be treated. This goes for the bride and anyone who is a part of the wedding. The solution is for both parties, the bride-to-be and her group of women, to have a mutual understanding. They should all want this upcoming, very important wedding day to be exactly what the bride and groom want. So what if you don’t get the role you desire? Who cares if you think the bridesmaid dress is flattering on you? Will the wedding still happen despite this? Yes. That is the point. Nothing else matters.

After a full day of runway shows and a mock wedding, the day started to come to an end. Right before one of the last shows, a bride-to-be (also one of my closest friends) went out of her way to come and say goodbye to me. Once again, it is the little things that mean the most. She is the one with the special day coming up and yet, she took her time to make me feel special and even got some pictures for me. After the last show, a large group of women kept telling us how great of job we did at modeling the dresses. They probably knew that we were nervous and wanted to make sure we knew that it was a success. It really is humbling when people choose their actions in this way. It makes you want to return the favor. If more women thought and acted this way, there would be more happy brides and successful weddings in the world (and really, just a lot more happy women in general). This is what I learned from modeling in a bridal show.



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