A Letter Saying Thank You to My Pets

Dear pets,

You only touch our lives for a certain amount of time, but the effect you have on us is forever. You see us at our worst, and you see us at our best. You are always there, and you always love us. You are with us during some of the highest points in our lives and at some of the lowest points. When we think back to certain memories, you are there. You have such a great impact on us, and sometimes we don’t even realize how great it is until you are no longer with us. After experiencing all they have to give, I want to say thank you to my pets.

To my childhood pet:

I still remember the very day I walked in the house as a child and found you waiting for me. You were the best surprise I ever had, and you were all mine. You were a little Shetland Sheepdog, and all you wanted to do in life was please people. That was your personality. You quickly became my constant companion, since I was an only child and didn’t have brothers or sisters at home. I taught you so many tricks, and you seemed so proud to show them off when you got them down. You were with me through all of my awkward stages in elementary and middle school and all through high school.

As I grew older, I may not have been at home as much, but you were always there waiting for me when I got back. You were something I could always depend on…until you weren’t there anymore. It was right during my finals in my Senior year of high school when your time to leave me came. Maybe you knew that I had made it through some of my toughest times, and you now knew I would be fine and could move on without you. It seems like pets can sense that. You had done your job and were the best pet you could be. All I have to say is:

Thank you for showing me the love between a pet and a child.

A few years later, I met the man who would be my future husband, and he got me a little kitten as a surprise for my Valentine’s Day present. It was during college, so a kitten was probably easier for me at the time than a puppy. I had always been more of a dog person, but this cat has pretty much turned me into a cat lady. She always wants to cuddle and give kisses…she’s kind of like a dog.

To my current pet:

I also remember the special day when I got to go pick you up. It was so windy and cold that I had to bundle you up and hold you close to my chest. I will never forget the first thing you decided to do when I got you to my apartment. You ran over to the coffee table and crawled up underneath it onto the shelf and curled up inside a pair of large cushioned headphones. You melted my heart. You quickly became my snuggle buddy, and you always had to be the center of attention. If I was preparing for a test, you would sit right on top of my study guide. If I was doing homework on the computer, you would try to sit on the keyboard. You became a constant part of my life and watched as my relationship grew with my boyfriend. You witnessed my boyfriend become my fiancé and then my husband. You were not only a huge part of my life, but of his as well. You were with us through graduations, new jobs, moving to a different city, and our wedding. Then you became a part of a very important memory…the birth of our daughter, Lana Rose.

I won’t forget all of the times you slept on my tummy when I was pregnant and gave me kisses and snuggles when I wasn’t feeling well. I know it was an adjustment that day we brought Lana home, but I know you knew something was coming when you saw us working so hard on preparing an extra room. You know she is a part of us, and I see you warming up to her every single day. She is making you more and more aware of her presence now as she approaches that curious age of nine months. I know you don’t appreciate her grabbing your tail, but I see you let her touch you now for a moment every now and then so she can get to know you better. I even notice you start to get worried if you hear her cry for too long. I already know in my heart that you two will become very close as she gets older. She has already started saying “keeeeeee” for kitty and interacting with you every time she sees you. You will become the childhood pet to her that mine was to me. Then I know there will come a time when you will leave us as well. I will just have to say:

Thank you for showing me the love between a pet and a child.


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