Home Improvement, Coffee, and Bachelor Thoughts

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It has been crazy around here the past few days! We have been updating parts of our house little by little, and it can really make you feel out of it when your whole routine is turned upside down. Thank goodness for coffee in the morning! I got the shirt above from Target right before Lana was born, and I never knew how much it would really apply to my life! They have a similar shirt available right now on Target’s website. Lana will be 9 months old on February 11th, and she never really gets sick of my attention. So we had to find some different, fun ways to spend our time while all of the awesome home improvement was occurring. Basically, we hid in a couple other rooms and watched some Netflix. Have you ever taken down popcorn ceiling? It can get messy! We had to stay clear of the chaos. My husband had to do this to the whole living room, and we have a very high, vaulted ceiling. Brownie points go to him for getting this project all done yesterday (we still have many more projects to go).

Basically, all of our furniture that was supposed to be in the living room moved into the kitchen. It was very crowded in there, and it made cooking and eating time very interesting. Lana seemed to have fun with it, though. It’s as if she were saying, “Welcome to our house of chaos!” I’m really happy that everything’s back to normal now. Lana has a consistent routine each day, and I am pretty sure she was sick of hiding out in the other rooms. She loves to roll and scoot everywhere and explore everything possible right now.

She also missed spending time with her Daddy. She seemed pretty content sitting on his lap today while he was organizing his toolbox. She is such a Daddy’s girl! I don’t blame her. He is a pretty fun guy. After all of his home improvement was done, he was pretty ecstatic to spend some quality time with his girl too.

As for me, I am ready to watch The Bachelor tomorrow, and see if Ben gives Olivia the rose. Last week was crazy! From the previews, it looks like he is going to give it to her! I don’t expect she will be there for much longer, though. I will enjoy the entertainment while I can. 🙂

-Talk to you soon!



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