Braids, a New Remote, and Bachelor Reaction

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It was extremely cold and windy yesterday here in Northwest Missouri. It just reminded me that Winter is still here for a while longer. On days like this, I always resort to my go-to messy braid. I love braids! They are an easy way to have cute hair with little effort, which is just what this mom needs. I had to run a couple errands, and I happened to pick up the greatest little toy for Lana while I was out!

Lana is obsessed with our remotes and our cell phones. If they are laying around, she goes after them with everything she has in her. Ashton (my husband) and I would rather not encourage her love for cell phones at such a young age, so I got her a special remote just for her instead of a baby cell phone. I got this remote at Target, and it is pretty awesome! She absolutely loves it. 🙂 We even sneakily change the channel with our remote when she points it at the tv, so that she thinks she has all of the power! She feels pretty proud as you can tell.

Of course, last night was also another crazy episode of The Bachelor! So I have my complete reaction for you guys as I watched it. Here is my summary of last night’s Bachelor from beginning to end:


-“Of course. Olivia is playing the victim. Ben’s probably thinking that he will just get rid of her if he needs to in the next rose ceremonies (less drama).”

-“Oh, Jennifer is leaving. She seems to be a really sweet girl, but I’m not surprised. I didn’t even really know who she was.”

-“They are going to the Bahamas. I want to be there right NOW.”


-“Caila doesn’t even need makeup for her date. She is so naturally pretty already.”

-“Leah, pull it together so if you do get a two-on-one, you will have a chance!”

-“Caila! You were one of my faves, but you sound a little conceited saying that you think you will hurt Ben!”

-“Emily and Olivia! What a two-on-one that will be. That must be Ben’s way of deciding who he believes/wants.”

-“Caila, I’m glad you think Ben understands you, because you just really confused me and probably everyone in America. But you and Ben are so cute…I can’t help it. You worry me now, though. I really could see you breaking his heart.”

-“Group date time. Oh, wow. Pigs in paradise. He definitely likes him some Lauren B. Okay…this is getting awkward now. Oh, Leah. Calling Ben an idiot probably won’t help your case.”

-“Olivia…like babysitting your daughter?”

-“Leah! You are seriously talking about Lauren B.? Jealous much? Now you lie about it to her face?!”

-“Now you are going out of your way to talk to Ben AGAIN about her? Good for you Ben! You saw through it all!”


-“Olivia, Emily, and Ben must be miserable on that boat.”

-“An isolated location…I wonder which one will get left stranded behind?”

-“Olivia was so sure she would get the rose!”

-“I love how it always shows the person just completely stranded out there, while the other two happily go off into the distance.”

-“Not surprised about Lauren H. either. She was really nice, but they seemed more like friends.”


Until next week’s Bachelor, my friends! 🙂


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