Love Your Valentines Every Single Day

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I can easily say that this past Valentine’s Day weekend did not go as I expected. By the time Valentine’s Day actually got here, we truly did learn to love your Valentines every single day. It started out normal enough on Friday with a special date night with my husband. We went to the movies in Kansas City, MO (one of our favorite things), and it was so nice to have some alone time with him. Lana and I also received our Valentine’s day gifts on Friday before Ashton and I left. We felt so loved and appreciated by our favorite guy!


Take a look at these delicious cupcakes I got from my hubby! I have a serious sweet tooth, and I have been wanting these for months. They are from Delish, and they truly are just that. Ashton knows the way to my heart.

My favorite part of my Valentine’s day gifts this year was the fact that I wasn’t the only girl receiving them. Our daughter, Lana, also got a heartfelt card and a beautiful rose from her Daddy.

I’m going to save her cards from Daddy for her, and give them to her when she is older. I know she will love and appreciate them. These are the most precious moments. Always cherish them. They are fleeting.

So after this beautiful Friday had passed, a very unexpected Saturday came. My grandmother, who is like a mother to me, had a heart attack. It was very sudden and scary. I wasn’t ready for it. After lots and lots of prayer, she came out fine. I am so thankful to God. She is resting, and she should be able to go home today. We spent the day with her at the hospital on Saturday and also on Sunday (Valentine’s Day) after Church.

I know my Grandma loved having Miss Lana there with her. You can’t help but get cheered up with that innocent face staring at you. Lana loves her “GG”, and she is so happy that she is okay.

Love your Valentines every single day. Take the time to tell them you love them, because you may not get that chance again. Our family got the flowers at the beginning of this post for my grandmother on Valentine’s Day. When I picked them out, I thought of her favorite colors and her personality. It just made me think how every person in our lives is so special and has such a unique impact on us. Always remember to appreciate all of the beautiful colors they add to your life.

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