Fairy Tales and Bachelor Reaction

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I know I am not the only girl who is obsessed with all things Disney, especially the classics. I have always known that I would want my child to love everything Disney just as much as I did when I was little and still do. Her whole nursery is decorated in a Disney theme, and it was so much fun finding all of the unique items to put in her room. Her Cinderella carriage and many other items in her room are from Hobby Lobby. I love that place! I might do a blog post on her room sometime soon. I have always loved fairy tales, and I think this had a big effect on me growing up. Some people may not agree that you should encourage a child with a bunch of fairy tales, but I wouldn’t have Ashton or Lana if I didn’t believe in them. Finding true love and happiness is how I define a real life fairy tale. I don’t want Lana to ask for anything less.

Speaking of fairy tales, I know all you Bachelor lovers are dying to know who Ben is going to end up choosing! Lana just knows that she loves roses, especially the one that she got from her Daddy for Valentine’s Day. Not everyone enjoys getting flowers, because they don’t last long before they die, but I can’t help but appreciate what they mean to me. I believe flowers symbolize that every moment is precious. It doesn’t last forever, and that’s why you should cherish and enjoy it that much more for the beauty and color it adds to your life. Oh, how motherhood keeps softening me. Now back to The Bachelor. Here is my full reaction to this week’s episode:


-“Ben is from Indiana! That isn’t too far from Missouri!” 🙂

-“Funny sign at the diner. ‘No…we don’t have WiFi. Talk to each other.'”


-“Every time Ben talks about his parents, he mentions how in love they are. So sweet.”

-“Hopefully Lauren and Ben can get back to where they were after this date.”

-“Ben’s passion to help children…can he get any sweeter?”

-“Seriously almost crying as he helps that sad kid get back out there. Yes. He would be an amazing father.”

-“Ben + Lauren = Pretty Cute”

-“Ben and JoJo get dinner on the baseball field. Pretty awesome.”

-“Group date! The tension and nerves are pretty high!”

-“Becca said that Caila and Ben were having a moment like The Notebook. Haha.”

-“That would be so tough at this point to watch Ben go off with Amanda.”

-“Amanda’s really growing on me.”

-“Ben’s mom doesn’t seem too pleased with Emily.”

-“Ben just needed confirmation from his parents. Emily is super sweet, but she’s just not ready for marriage yet.”


-“I really thought Caila would go home, not Becca! When Ben said that one of the girls just hadn’t gotten to the point the others had, I just assumed Caila. Maybe I’m missing something.”


Who else thinks that maybe Becca will be the next Bachelorette?






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