Grandma Time and Bachelor Reaction

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Lana is getting some Grandma time this week, because her Grandma Holly is visiting from Georgia. Grandmas are always good at getting special gifts, and this book is just adorable. It is called Guess How Much I Love You. It is so sweet, and Lana seemed to be really into it when her Grandma was reading it to her yesterday morning. Since my Mom lives in Georgia with my Stepdad, Tom, she tries to make the most of her time with Lana when she gets to visit. She always does a great job.

Grandma Holly couldn’t pass up this cute bow she saw when she was out with Lana’s Great Grandma today. It is so pretty! I always love anything with lace or pearls. It is also pink, of course. Grandma time always ends up adding to Lana’s closet. 😉

Lana also had her 9 month checkup yesterday, and Grandma Holly got to go with us this time. Lana is growing perfectly! That is always so nice to hear. Next time she goes to see the doctor, she will be 1 year old! That is crazy to me. Time just keeps going by faster and faster. Doctor visits always wear Lana out, so the car ride home was just what she needed. 🙂

Even during all this awesome Grandma time, I still made sure to catch The Bachelor this week! This week was the hometown visits, so here is my full reaction:

Amanda’s Hometown Visit

-“Look at her girls’ cute matching outfits!”

-“The shirt Amanda wore probably wasn’t the best choice. She keeps having to tug on it.” Did this bug anyone else?

-“Ben is really trying to get to know them. So sweet.”

-“Kids are crying now. Let’s see how he handles this.”

-“Good job, Amanda’s Dad. Keep asking the tough questions.”

Lauren’s Hometown Visit

-“All of this food is making me really hungry.”

-“A whiskey library with a fireplace! I want one of those!”

-“Is Ben going to respond to Lauren’s sister, and tell her what is special about Lauren?!”

-“Okay. He started tearing up about Lauren. That saved him. I love how Ben is so sentimental.”

-“Lauren and Ben really seem in love.”

-“Ben said, ‘When I met her, the world stopped.’ Awwwwww.”

-“I wonder when Lauren will tell Ben she loves him.”

Caila’s Hometown Visit

-“Caila is so gorgeous. I just can’t get past the fact that I don’t think she knows what she wants.”

-“Bubbly…the perfect word to describe Caila.”

-“Maybe Caila is just a hard person to understand. She seems to really care about Ben.”

JoJo’s Hometown Visit

-“Here comes the drama.”

-“You are calling him? You must still have feelings for him.”

-“Yeah, JoJo’s ex wants her back, because she’s on The Bachelor.”

-“Ben is being very non-committal with what he says about JoJo.”

The Rose Ceremony

-“I really thought JoJo would be going home after all that drama!”

-“I guess he decided that he really wasn’t ready to be an ‘instant Dad’.”

Let me know any of your thoughts on The Bachelor! 🙂






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