Weekend Walks + The Oscars

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As you all know from my last post, Lana’s Grandma was in town this week. Lana and I had to take her back to the airport on Saturday morning, and those trips are always bittersweet. When I got back home with Lana, I just looked at her smile and any sadness turned to thankfulness. I am so grateful for everyone in Lana’s life who loves and cares about her. Since my Mom was gone now, Ashton and I decided to go on one of our nice weekend walks with Lana.

Walks with Lana are so interesting now, because she is so much more into everything around her. That makes it even more fun. We love watching her enjoy new things, and it is always so nice to get out and enjoy the fresh air.

Lana is seriously so in love with her Daddy. I have mentioned this so many times before, but the picture says it all. I am so grateful for the amazing father he is to her, and how he makes sure to be a part of every single thing in her life. I appreciate these weekend walks so much, because these are the moments that are important. These are the moments where I take a look around me and think how this is what makes life special.

The weekend ended with a nice, relaxing Sunday. We had our usual Church time, ran a couple errands, and then ended the day with some snuggles and nap time. Lana is holding her favorite monkey in this picture, by the way. This monkey has been with her since birth, and he goes wherever she goes. It came with her swing that she fell asleep in for months after she came home from the hospital. I think I may keep that monkey forever after she gets older. Yes, I am super sentimental. 🙂

We also decided to tune in to the Oscars this year. Ashton and I are major movie lovers, and this is probably the best award show for us to watch. Let me just say right off that I am so happy Leonardo DiCaprio won an Oscar! He truly deserves it. You can always tell how passionate he is about his roles. This was the main thing I was waiting to find out on the Oscars, and it made my night complete.

Were any of you just as excited as I was about Leo winning an Oscar?


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