Growth Spurt + Car Naps

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Lana has been going through a major growth spurt recently, mentally and physically. It amazes me how much she has grown in just the past few weeks. I have been pretty lucky with her and her routine since she was born. About a month and a half after she was born, she started sleeping through the entire night. She would sleep about 12 hours at a time, and I was so thankful. Recently, she has been having a harder time getting to sleep and taking naps due to all of the growth going on. She is going through the phase of standing up and pulling up onto everything. She has a lot going on for a 9 month…almost 10 month old.

She has been learning so much as well. We took her to Cheddar’s Casual Cafe to eat the other night, and she loved getting to see the fish they have in the big tank. She has her pet kitty at home, but the only other animal she has really gotten to see is a dog. We plan on taking her to the zoo this summer. Her Daddy is really excited about that.

Time spent at home hasn’t been any less of a learning experience. Do you see how ornery she looks? I have a long, exciting road ahead with this one. 🙂 I got her first block set a while back, and she loves dumping all the blocks out and playing with the lid. It’s so funny what is entertaining to kids.

All of this used energy means she has to nap at some point, right? Lana has been wanting her Mommy so much nowadays. It can be really hard to get stuff done, but I just relax and try to take it all in. She won’t want to cuddle with me forever.

During her recent growth spurt, nap times really haven’t been as easy. When I run errands, the car rides are always pretty helpful to get that nap time in for her. Car naps are becoming my friend. For all you One Tree Hill fans out there, I like to picture myself as Brooke when she has her twin babies and likes to take them for car rides at night. It’s a great coping mechanism for me. 😉

Just today, I took a drive to help her finally take a nap. Her precious, sleeping face was such a relief to me. For all you moms out there, I am right here with you. You are doing great. A growth spurt can be crazy, but it’s such a special time.

Also, last night’s Women Tell All just made me want The Bachelor finale to get here so much sooner. I can’t wait to discuss the finale with you guys! 🙂

-xoxo & Happy International Women’s Day!

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