Missouri Weather and a Baby Shower

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How many of you have heard people talk about Missouri weather? Well, it is basically bipolar. Yesterday was the first day of Spring, and you all know how excited I have been to get warm weather and all the cute clothes that come with it. A few days ago I was so happy to get some comfy sandals and leggings from American Eagle. I will be wearing these shoes everywhere, because they go with pretty much anything! I also got the shirt from American Eagle a few weeks ago. There is nothing I love more than outfits that are cute AND comfy.

Then Saturday came, and I was about to go to a baby shower. The lovely Missouri weather surprised me when it decided it would start snowing! I can’t help but be an optimist (that’s who I am to the core), and say that the snow was pretty. However, I truly am over Winter, and I did not want or expect to have to put my heavier coat back on. I decided to use the cold as an excuse to grab some Starbuck’s coffee! There is always a bright side. 😉 I really enjoyed buying some gifts for the baby shower, and it made me think of when I was having my baby shower almost exactly a year ago. Time really does fly. It also felt good to actually know what to get a new Mom, which is a whole other topic. Let’s just say that they usually already have a ton of clothes, and they really just need the essentials, like diapers and bottles. Of course, it never hurts to throw in a cute outfit or accessory. 😉

It was nice to get out for a bit this past weekend, but life goes on with my little girl and her newly found energy and curiosity. I am thankful any time that she actually stops to take a nap, even if it is in a random corner. 🙂 By the way, the brown trim and the carpet you see in this picture are no longer in existence! It is now beautiful wood flooring, and it will be white trim and a freshly painted wall soon. Yes. My husband is still working on the house. I know Lana thinks he is a super hero already, and I’m starting to think that also.





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