Birthday Planning + Motivation

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I’ve got some serious birthday planning to do, because Lana’s first birthday is less than two months away! Crazy, right? This growing thing needs to really slow down. I think that she has gotten a lot taller in the last couple weeks alone. I am always with her, so sometimes I am shocked at how much she has grown right in front of my eyes. My husband, Ashton, also mentioned how much she has grown. I told him, “I wondered how she has been getting everything I put out of reach!” This little girl truly is my best friend already. I am so excited to be a part of all her special moments in life growing up and to be able to provide the kind of life I know she deserves… a life full of love and laughter. Lots of Disney movies and singing/dance slumber parties are in her future as well. 😉 That’s a given.

As you can guess, I am very excited to do all of the birthday planning. I have so much motivation to make everything very special for her. Of course, first birthdays tend to be more for the parents, because the one year old doesn’t understand completely what is happening. So this year Lana’s birthday will have a ballerina theme! The colors will be pink and gold, and I got some really cute, decorative straws from Hobby Lobby for her party. I am such a girly girl, and I know she probably will be too. Lana has been obsessed with any kind of dancing or music since she was born, because her Dad and I constantly sing and dance in front of her. I’m sure we have looked pretty funny at times, but we never care as long as we hear that sweet laugh of hers.

As Lana grows, so does her personality, imagination, and place in my heart. I never knew my heart could hold so much love. I always wondered what it would be like to be a Mom, and it is such a crazy feeling. You feel so vulnerable and empowered at the same time. Your children hold your heart, and you would do anything to protect them and make them happy. They give you the motivation to be the best version of yourself in a way that is beneficial for them. Being selfish is no longer an option, but the more you give, the more you get. It’s the most exciting journey in the world.




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