Nice Weather and New Shoes

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We actually had some really nice weather this past weekend, and we absolutely loved it! We went to Church together on Sunday morning as usual, and then we got ready to go out on a family shopping trip. Lana can always tell when we are about to go somewhere, and I think she was pretty excited. 🙂 It was a very warm and windy day, but you could tell she was happy that it wasn’t chilly out anymore.

I am so thankful for this amazing Graco stroller that we have used for her since she was born. We take it everywhere with us when we go out, because it makes it so much easier to get around with her. It is so easy to move around things in stores, and it is a click connect system that just lets you click a matching car seat into it when you still have a young baby. She is big enough to ride in it without the car seat now, but it was so amazing to just be able to click the car seat into it before! It has a large storage bin underneath (where I always put my purse and anything I want to buy), a tray with cup holders, cup holders at the top for Mom, a reclining seat, and a top that you can expand over your child to block out any kind of weather. It’s pretty great! Nice weather just gives me an extra excuse to take her out in it. 🙂

One of the main reasons we went shopping was to get Lana some baby gates. I don’t know how I have managed not using them this far, because she is almost a year old! My husband, Ashton, just finished putting in all of the wood flooring in the house upstairs and on the main floor. He also put in all of the white trim, and I helped him paint the walls. Now he just needs to put in the rest of the new doors and renovate the fireplace and kitchen. We are going to have stone starting around the fireplace and going to the top of the vaulted ceiling in our living room. This will replace the wood slats and tiles that are currently there. It is so nice to have a lot more done, so now Lana can freely explore within the safety of the baby gates. 🙂 We got a Munchkin auto-close metal baby gate that is extra wide for the hallway, and Munchkin easy close baby gates for other areas of the house. They are working pretty well so far!

We also went shopping for some shoes for miss Lana, because she is actually walking around quite a bit right now (as long as she is holding onto something). Does anyone else have a child with extremely small feet?! She is almost 11 months old, and she fits into size 3-6 months shoes at Old Navy! She fits clothing perfectly for her age, but her shoes are a different story. We got her some 6-9 month size casual sneakers at Target, but they are still big on her. She will be growing into those. By the way, Lana is standing on a new rug that we got from Lowe’s. It is so soft, and it really compliments the new flooring. They have some great rug options!

I just think it is so cute to see babies wear shoes in general. I now have a whole new category of cute things to shop around for when I go out! The shoes also seem to really help her get used to walking more. Oh, my sweet, tiny footed, growing girl. 🙂 It is such a blessing to have you in my life.

The nice weather was so appreciated by us, and I hope you all got to enjoy your weekend as well!


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