Parent Time + The Sniffles

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My husband, Ashton, and I got some parent time this week when we went to the Justin Bieber concert! I guess we really got some time to feel younger again with the thousands of screaming girls there, but I was amazed at the age range of people who love them some Bieber! It is so interesting being a parent sometimes, because you need to take a break away every now and then, but your mind is always in two places at once. Ashton and I always start off so excited to do something and we have a great time at whatever we do, but then there is never a time that we don’t talk about Lana on the way back to get her. Once you are a parent, your child always has a piece of you wherever you are. I will say that our “parent time” was a success, though! We got to sit so close to the stage! Ashton picked out some amazing tickets for my Christmas present last year. We were only four rows up from the stage area, and Justin gave a great performance. We also won’t forget walking outside after the concert and seeing hundreds of girls screaming and running to Eric Hosmer. Okay…I ran over there too and pulled Ashton with me. 🙂 Hosmer was such a good sport about it, and he just kept smiling and laughing as he made his way slowly through the crowd. Go Royals!

Life has gone on as normal the rest of this week, and Lana has been her usual, adorable self. It is so funny how Lana loves to pull every single item out of her tub of toys. Putting things away can be pointless at times, because she will just have a great time taking it all back out. Does anyone else have this problem? It is pretty cute to watch, though. The moments I love the most are watching her when she seems so serious and engaged in what she is doing. She’s got some serious business to attend to as an almost 11 month old, right?! 😉

Lana has also recently gotten her first case of the sniffles. I guess she has done pretty well so far without getting sick at all. This means lots of snuggles and kisses. I love catching these moments between her and her Daddy. This is what makes my heart so happy. 🙂 I’m glad she is getting this little cold out of the way now before her birthday gets here. I must say she has been a trooper, though. She has been playing around as usual, and is still an ornery, funny girl.

With her birthday coming up, I got the most beautiful flower crown in the mail to go with her birthday outfit. Love Crush Bowtique seriously has some of the cutest things for your little one. Make sure to check them out! This just makes me even more excited for all of the events coming up this Summer!

Happy Friday everyone! I hope you have an amazing weekend! Make sure to set aside some parent time if you have been needing it. 😉


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