First Cold + Almost a Toddler

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This girl right here got her very first cold this past week. Who knew that hearing a little cough could make you feel so bad? I know I already mentioned that she had the sniffles on Friday, but it got a little bit nastier over the weekend. My poor little girl. She really is being a trooper, though. She just plays as usual, and then she crawls over to me with her favorite monkey when she needs some snuggles and love. Her monkey isn’t pictured here, but you have seen him in a bunch of pictures when Lana is sleeping. He’s her bud. 🙂

I actually think Lana is handling her first cold way better than me knowing she has it. I spent a lot of time with her this weekend, and I kept watching her closely while we played with the many random toys she loves. So what did I do every time I was near her? I offered her some water from her sippy cup to stay hydrated. 🙂 It was almost like she would take a drink of water every time I asked her to just to make me feel better. Mom probs.

What did Dad do to make her feel better? He had his baby girl sit with him and read the comics. That’s his go-to with her, and she loves it.

Despite her cold, Lana still managed to take some adorable pictures for her 11 month photo shoot! It’s a lot harder to get her to sit still for photos at this age, and her Dad is always a huge help when it comes to keeping her attention for a little while. I really can’t believe we are going to have a toddler in a month! I just want to keep calling her my baby…well…I don’t really think that will ever stop.

After Lana’s photo shoot, she found her little “fishie” that swims with her at bath time. She felt pretty special, because she normally doesn’t see him outside of the water. I just had to catch the cuteness!

I hope you all are having a wonderful week! I will talk to you soon!


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