Weekend Fun + Bachelorette Premiere

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We had some weekend fun with Lana recently when we went on a family shopping trip. The weather was perfect for just walking around outside and taking a look at all of the amazing sales going on. Lana also loved the water fountains, and she made sure to get a closer look. 😉

I can’t get enough of these two! Lana is so excited to see and explore everything, and her Dad always can’t wait to show her. 🙂

It was a really fun time, because everyone was taking their kids up to the fountain to play in the water. All of the parents were smiling and laughing, and they were all asking each other about the ages of the children. It was definitely some quality weekend fun!

After the weekend, Monday came around and so did my third Rocksbox set and The Bachelorette premiere!

It was basically a pretty great day that followed a bunch of weekend fun! I received a “G Stacking Ring Set” by Gorjana and “Iconic Etch Ear Jackets in Gold” by House of Harlow 1960. I also got one of my absolute favorite pieces! It is an “Elisa Necklace in Rose Gold Drusy” by Kendra Scott. It is so pretty and delicate, and it is just a plus that it is also rose gold. 😉 You can still sign up for a free month of Rocksbox with my code roseliningxoxo, and you can always cancel after that if you want (just to give you that peace of mind…even though I know you will love it!)

I wore the necklace with my “Wine, Bachelor, and Yoga Pants” tank by Clothing By OWL for The Bachelorette premiere, and this means that I can now start doing my weekly recap of the show again for you guys! I have a couple favorites already, but we all know that anything can happen over the next few weeks. Since I have a million, specific thoughts that go on through the intros in the premiere, I will simply do a summary this week:


-I figured they would go over JoJo’s experience last season with Ben. I’m not going to lie. I wanted Lauren to win on The Bachelor, but I always liked JoJo too. Ben definitely shouldn’t have told them both that he loved them. Well…it looks like it’s onto new adventures for JoJo anyways.


-We sure have an interesting group of guys this season, but don’t we always. 😉 The intros are always really long and drawn out, so I will sum it up for all of you.

-Jordan, the former pro quarterback, is my favorite so far. He seems the most normal and acts super sweet. Plus, they have some pretty great chemistry! Ashton caught this part of the show with me and already called it that he will do well. In his words, “He’s a former pro quarterback…of course he is going to win this thing!” We shall see…we shall see. 😉

-Luke, the war veteran, also caught my eye. He also seems very sweet, but that could easily change. We will have to see.


-There were your typical “interesting” ones that stood out, such as a guy dressed as Santa, a “Bachelor Superfan”, a guy who gave JoJo an extremely awkward kiss and was just awkward in general, a man in a kilt, outrageous Daniel who jumped into the pool, and a few I don’t even want to go into detail over (it was just that bad).

-By the way, did you guys catch that Beauty and the Beast preview?! I can’t wait!

-Jake Pavelka showed up! I was pretty relieved when I found out he was there just to give her some advice. Otherwise, “Eww”.


-I can’t believe that Santa guy and Daniel got a rose! Oh well, they will be gone before too long, I’m sure. They always have to have the crazies for the first part of the season. I am sure that I will find others I like as we get to know them better throughout the episodes. For now, I pick Jordan!

I hope you all had some weekend fun with your favorite people, and we will talk soon!








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