Workout Routine + Bachelorette Thoughts

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Let’s be real. A workout routine is not something that I am great at making a focus in my life. I love food, and I don’t really make exercising a priority like I should. It’s even harder after you become a Mom, and you don’t have as much time to take care of yourself. I exercised a couple months after I had Lana for a short amount of time just to help get some of the weight off quicker, but since then I have done nothing. That is now changing!


I lost all of the weight I gained after having Lana, but my body is not toned like it used to be. This is where 3S Fitness enters the picture. I am so excited to collaborate with them and start my fitness journey. They provide a customized fitness program based on your goals (mine is toning), a flexible dieting guide, a monthly recipe book, special courses, and access to a 3S Sisterhood private Facebook group. The best part is that you can get the workouts right off an app on your phone and do the workouts anywhere! If you want to give it a try, just use my code HANNAHFIT for 50% off your first month of training!

Even Lana tries to get involved with my workouts, which is another reason why her Daddy is the best! He watches her while I get my exercise done for the day, and it helps so much with my workout routine. Lots of times I won’t be able to workout until later in the evening, but all that matters is that it gets done.

This little girl is so full of energy lately…

She keeps me so busy now, that I could say she is part of my workout routine. I would have it no other way. 🙂

Now I can’t forget to go over my thoughts on The Bachelorette this week!

I think that most of you would agree with me that the focus has been on Chad…ugh.


-“Chad…so cocky…can’t stand it.”

1st Group Date:

-“I would hope Grant (the real firefighter) does well!”

-“I can’t stand Chad, but them singing ‘JoJo’ over and over would get annoying.”

-“Go Luke! Well…Grant is the firefighter. I guess I would be a little concerned if he didn’t win.”

-“Wells is a trooper and a sweetie.”

Derek + JoJo Date:

-“Derek seems really sweet, but he’s just a little boring.”

-“Omgsh…that JoJo song.” (when it showed the group singing it again)

-“Chad + Daniel = a perfect match.” (when it showed the group back at the house)

-“Derek is a sweetheart…he just had his heart broken.”

2nd Group Date:

-“Chad…stop talking.”

-“‘Starting off a little naggy here’! Wow, Chad.”

-“You can be honest, but you don’t have to be so aggressive and argumentative all the time.”

-“I’m glad Chad didn’t win.”

-“‘A smile’s the only thing you can see on the outside that comes from the inside…the occasional chick flick…I love God, but I let him down daily, and I’m working on that.’ You can definitely tell that James is a singer/songwriter.”

-“James is so sweet, but he is probably more of her friend type.”

-“I feel bad that Chad’s mom died…that’s so sad…but I can’t believe JoJo kissed him.”

-“James deserved the rose.”

-“‘I don’t know what I could have done wrong to not get it (the rose)’. Not surprised that you don’t know, Chad.”

Cocktail Party + Rose Ceremony:

-“I wonder if Chad eats when he’s nervous?”

-“Chad has stolen her twice now! Well, actually three now, counting when they first walked in together.”

-“Chad’s going to have a meltdown.”

-“Let’s see how many more weeks Chad can hold on before he leaves the show.”

Don’t forget to follow me on Snapchat (rose_lining), and you will catch all of my family’s funny, special moments. I may even get on Snapchat during some of The Bachelorette episodes. 😉

I hope you all find some time to get a good workout routine going! I will talk to you all soon, and Lana and I will have fun on Snapchat in the meantime!









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