Love Letter to My Husband

Today is our second anniversary, so I figured this love letter would be appropriate. We have been married for two years now, but we have also been together for almost six years. In this love letter, I just want you to know:

Thank you for choosing me.

On our wedding day, the Priest said that you and I could have chosen anyone, but we chose each other. That is so important. There was so much about you that defined you from the rest in my eyes, and I am so grateful that you found something special in me as well. The fact that you chose me to be the one you let in and truly see the great man you are was and is still an honor. Now that we are married, you choose me every single day. You choose me on my best and on my worst days. I am so grateful for you on those worst days. I am so glad I chose you.

Thank you for loving me unconditionally.

I know there are days when I can drive you crazy. I know you can’t stand all of the hair that gets in the shower and everywhere else. 😉 I know some days I talk your ear off when you are tired, but you listen anyway (or at least you act like you listen), because you know that’s all I want. I also know there are days when you go out of your way to make me happy. You might pick one of my favorite movies to watch, or you finally watch an older movie I have been trying to get you to watch with me…everyone knows that movies are our thing. 🙂 There are a million, little things you do, and none of it goes unnoticed or unappreciated. Thank you for all of your love.

Thank you for being an amazing father and husband in everything you do.

Some people may just choose when they want to be a good father or husband, but it is something that a person is at all times and represents everywhere he goes and with everyone he is around. Thank you for always setting a good example for our daughter in everything you do. Thank you for taking care of us and always being so proud of us. Thank you for proudly taking on your role as our daughter’s father and as my husband and being amazing at both jobs.

Thank you for putting God first.

I don’t know where we would be without God. Without you putting God first, we wouldn’t be truly successful at anything. It is so important for Lana to see your love for God and me as well. You are our inspiration, and you motivate me to be the best person I can be. People tend to underestimate the influence of a Father, when it is really the strongest in the family. If a Father doesn’t show his love for God and set a good example, why should the child? None of us are perfect, that is for sure. We are so far from it! That is why God is so important. He is the most important person in our Marriage and in our family. Thank you for remembering that.

Thank you for proving that love is an action and not just a feeling every single day.

Marriage isn’t easy. It is not just a big, fun celebration at a wedding and then happily ever after. Marriage is choosing one person and making a commitment to them to love them in good times and in bad. It can be easy to forget that bad part that we all vowed about on our wedding day. It is about putting the other person’s happiness first, always.

Sometimes you will be giving 100% and the other person is giving 20%. It is never supposed to be just 50/50. You are always trying to give 100%, and sometimes you pick up the other person’s slack. It also doesn’t mean you are always feeling so in love. Actually, the times when you don’t want to show love to the other person at all (but you do), is when you are showing your love the most. Love is an action, and I am so thankful for how you prove your love to me and Lana every single day in all the little things you do.

Happy Anniversary, Husband! I hope you enjoy this love letter. 🙂

…Oh, and you still give me butterflies. 😉

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It also seems like people don’t use love letters anymore, so maybe you can write one for your special person. 🙂


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