Summer Style + Bachelorette Cliffhanger

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Now that the weather has been scorching hot here in Missouri, I have had lots of summer style ideas on my mind. I just got another Rocksbox set full of amazing jewelry in the mail (use my code roseliningxoxo to get your first month free), so I created an outfit around it using this cute, black romper from Target.

I wore this black romper with my favorite pair of fringe gladiator flats from Payless, and I have been taking this purse from Forever21 everywhere! It was also a steal at under $15!

I love how this beautiful necklace by Kendra Scott makes the whole outfit pop. I also recently talked about this cuff I got from Rocksbox on Snapchat (rose_lining) as well. I mentioned how much I love the fact that you can easily make it smaller or larger. I love how much the little things can contribute to an outfit. 🙂 I always mention this, but I also can’t resist anything that is cute AND comfortable. That is what my summer style is normally based around.

Speaking of the hot weather…

My little Lana baby has been enjoying playing in the water! She can make any Summer style work. 😉

Meanwhile, The Bachelorette left us with a cliffhanger this past week, and we have to wait an extra week to see what happens! At least we got a two-night dose of it this time. My hubby, Ashton, even had a few thoughts that I will share with you from the second episode! Here are our thoughts from the two episodes this week:

Monday’s Episode


-“Like I said on the last episode, Chad + Daniel = the perfect match.”

Chase + JoJo (One on One):

-“He’s cute! I’m trying to remember more about him…”

-“Yoga date…oh boy.”

-“This is so weird.”

-“I love how serious Chase is about the concept of marriage.” (at their dinner that night)

Group Date:

-“Chad looks miserable.”

-“I’m concerned for Evan.”

-“This is going to be bad.”

-“Jordan…happy sigh.” (group date at night)

-“Chad has some serious, mental issues.”

-“Chad finally showed JoJo his true colors.”

James + JoJo (One on One):

-“Cute date.” (swing dancing)

-“I’m wondering the same thing JoJo said…if they can break that friendship line and make it something more romantic.”

-“James is so sweet, humble, and genuine. I really think he is more friend material to her, though.”

Pool Party:

-“Chad is talking about throwing torsos and all kinds of body parts in the pool. Why does this not surprise me.”

-“What’s JoJo going to walk into?!”

Tuesday’s Episode (with Hubby’s input)

Pool Party Continued:

(Me)-“Let’s see how long this lasts…Chad is just saying what he has to to stay. ”

(My Hubby)-“Jordan has a cucumber face!”

(Me)-“No, he doesn’t!”

(Me)-“JoJo really likes Jordan already. You can tell.”

(My Hubby)-“She obviously felt sorry for him.” (talking about when she was randomly kissing one of the guys by the pool)

(Me)- “Why?

(My Hubby)- “She said ‘thank you’.”

Rose Ceremony:

(My Hubby)- “He’s so gone!” (talking about Chad)

(Me)- “Nope. Apparently, he’s staying for some more drama.”

(Me)- “I wonder where they all get to go. Oh, just Pennsylvania.”

(My Hubby)- “You think that they’re going to pay this early in the show for that many people to go to a place like Europe?”

Luke + JoJo (One on One):

(Me): “Perfect date for him! They are both so in shape…”

(My Hubby): “You think they are going to show up on the show not in shape?!”

(Me): “Luke had a rough past…I knew I liked him.”

Football Group Date (Just my thoughts now):

-“Jordan should do well at this.”

-“Poor James Taylor.”

-“Chad is so full of himself.” (When they show him back at the house.)

-“Blue team won.”

-“Wow, Robbie!” (when he is kissing JoJo)

-“I love when Jordan opens up…sigh…and he got a rose!”

Alex + Chad + JoJo (Two on One):

-“She just needs to let Chad go.”

-“He obviously has some major issues.”

-“Yes. His Mom died recently, which is horrible. He needs some serious time and counseling.”

-“YES! He’s finally let go!  I don’t think it will be that easy, though.”

-“They made it seem like Chad was walking to the cabin where Alex and JoJo were at.”

-“I can’t wait two weeks to see what is going to happen!”

So basically, The Bachelorette left us with a serious cliffhanger, and we have to wait even longer than usual to see what happens. Ugh.

I hope you all are enjoying your Summer so far and are rocking that Summer style!. 😉













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