Fashionable Teething Jewelry

This post is sponsored by Wright Design Co. All opinions are 100% my own.

After this past week, I can definitely say that I am not a fan of teething. Lana hasn’t had too much trouble with it until recently. She has had the same two, adorable bottom teeth for a while now, but now she has a big tooth on the top starting to show up. She had a couple days where she would not quit crying, and I felt so helpless. This is why I’m so glad that she now has this fashionable teething jewelry! Lana always wants my jewelry, but I can never give it to her. She may break something important, or she could end up hurting herself somehow. This is why I love the necklaces and bracelets by Wright Design Co!

When this fashionable teething jewelry came in the mail, I gave Lana her bracelet right away. Let me tell you, she has not put it down! She feels so special having some jewelry just like Mama! It is so pretty, too! We have matching blush colored bracelets, and I also got a couple necklaces that go with them perfectly. It is important that you notice I say “fashionable teething jewelry”, because it really is beautiful and actually makes you want to wear it! You can customize the length of necklace you want and get any color combination for the jewelry you choose.

Lana feels so proud of her bracelet, and she keeps showing it to me and her Dada. We have been showing her how to put it on her wrist, and she has almost got that down as well! She is seriously growing up way too fast.

This teething jewelry definitely keeps her busy!

The orneriness just keeps growing, let me tell ya! I’m loving every single day of it! 😉

So definitely check out Wright Design Co. for your little one!

I hope you all have a great weekend and a Happy Father’s Day tomorrow! Also, don’t forget that The Bachelorette will be back on Monday! Yaay! 🙂



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