Father’s Day Fun + Bachelorette

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We had some great Father’s Day fun this past weekend, and Lana showed her Dada some extra love. We grilled out and relaxed on our deck, and we got great use out of our conversation set from Wayfair. We also got to get our brunch on with family. Lana was a very happy girl! She has also been looking extra ornery and cute lately!

Lana has been feeling better teething wise, and the teething jewelry I got from Wright Design Co. and talked about in my previous post has helped a lot as well. I will be doing a giveaway for a free teething necklace of the winner’s choice tonight on Instagram (@rose_lining), so keep an eye out! 🙂

See the orneriness?!

By the way, our cousin got Lana this dress from T.J. Maxx for her first birthday. It is so adorable! Lana has still been wearing this pretty bow headband from LittleBugTique on Etsy as well.

And this is how the nights usually end with my Hubby and daughter…

I love the way he looks at her. 🙂 We definitely had some great Father’s Day fun!

Of course, yesterday was also The Bachelorette night! I had to get motivated to do my 3S Fitness workout before the show, so I wore my favorite tank from Clothing By Owl to get me through it!

Now for my summary of last night’s episode:


-“Don’t celebrate too soon, guys…”

-“LOL when Evan says, ‘I hope he’s not here for his protein powder’.”

-“Wow, he actually left without someone getting hurt.”

-“Did you all see that Bachelor in Paradise commercial?! Chad is going to be there! Oh, the drama.”

Cocktail Party:

-“Robbie isn’t my favorite.”

-“Jordan! That’s a bold move! It’s a pretty good one, though…”

Rose Ceremony:

-” I don’t think anyone can truly fill the void of Chad (like Evan said).”

-“I’m not surprised by her choices of who to let go.”

-“They are going to Uruguay!”

JoJo + Jordan (One on One):

-“I’m sensing some jealousy about Jordan. He has been getting a lot of attention. If she likes him, she likes him.”

-“Oh boy, a magazine story about the Ex. Is it just me, or does it feel like the show has been building up the story about the Ex since Ben’s season? Oh, and his name is Chad, ironically.”

-“She’s definitely falling for Jordan…BIG time. She’s double checking things about him to be safe with her heart.”

Group Date:

-“Sand surfing…fun!”

-“The jealousy is growing! Derek is definitely one of the most jealous. Oh, and he got a rose. Is he a new common enemy?”

JoJo + Robbie (One on One)

-“Robbie just kind of bores me…”

-“Jumping off that cliff would be a little hard for me…I’m always nervous about the rocks that could be below the water.”

-“That’s so sad about Robbie’s friend. It’s very inspirational how he changed his life in honor of his friend.”

Cocktail Party:

-“Oh, the petty high school stuff.”

-“JoJo isn’t a fan of cocktail parties, apparently. I don’t blame her. I would have my mind made up pretty easily.”

Rose Ceremony:

-“Once again, I’m not surprised by who she let go. It gets more difficult to guess at the end.”

-“Oh gosh, those previews! They kind of worry me!”


I hope you all had lots of Father’s Day fun this past weekend! Don’t forget to check out my Instagram (@rose_lining) tonight for a teething necklace giveaway. 🙂




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