New Puppy + Bachelorette Prediction

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We got a new puppy! For all of you who follow me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat (@rose_lining), you already knew that. 🙂 She is a golden lab, and her name is Lola. I like to call her “Lo” for short. I will admit that the nickname “Lo” has to do with my obsession with Lo Bosworth from The Hills. It’s just too perfect!

Lola and Lana are already partners in crime, and they are both keeping me pretty busy. The hunt for a new puppy began recently when we couldn’t help but notice how much Lana loves dogs. Every time she sees a dog on the t.v. she screams at the top of her lungs and points at it. Family members who have watched Lana also noticed this as well and told us how much she needed a dog. We finally gave in!

Lola is so sweet and eager to please. That is a very important trait I look for in a dog, because if they don’t care about pleasing you, they are a lot harder to train. She is also a great family dog. Every time Lana takes a nap, she lays right next to her. Any time Lana cries, Lola acts concerned. She just loves Lana! For any of you who are wondering how our cat, Mila, is doing, she is dealing with it much better than I expected! She will actually sit in the same room with all of us, and she holds her own with the dog. I have a feeling they will be playing with each other before we know it.

If I were to give any advice about taking care of a new puppy along with a one year old, it would be to keep a consistent routine. It helps a lot that I am able to stay at home with both of them. Dogs love a good routine, which works out really well when you have kids. Make sure you start getting after them for things they shouldn’t do early on, just like a child. 😉 I know a lot of this is common sense, but it is so critical.

The most important thing is taking time to have fun with your new puppy and watching that special bond grow between him/her and your child. It makes me so nostalgic, and it reminds me of how much I loved my first dog. I had a Shetland Sheepdog named Cassie growing up, and she was my constant companion. I want Lana to be able to have that as well. Now she has her kitty AND her doggie. 🙂

Now for my Bachelorette prediction:

I could have easily mentioned this earlier, but I think that I and a lot of people believe that JoJo will pick Jordan. You just can’t not notice the way that JoJo looks at him and the way she lights up every time he says what she wants to hear. I wasn’t able to do my weekly recap of the last 2 shows, but I will just sum it up.

I think we all knew that Alex and James would be going home. James is a sweetheart but just not JoJo’s type. He honestly got on my nerves a little when he “told on Jordan” to JoJo. That’s a Kindergarten move…but I know he was probably just jealous, which is normal.

On the most recent episode, I knew something was up when they gave away who JoJo was going to let go before she handed out the roses. I told Ashton, “There must be a reason for that! She must not get rid of Luke this time if they are letting us know ahead of time that she said she would get rid of him!” I guess we will find out. I think she will either get rid of him or Robbie. Robbie just needs to go. He’s too shady. The previews before did show her crying, because she didn’t know if she made a mistake.

In the end, I just think that she will pick Jordan. The only thing that could come in the way of that would be her saying that she’s too scared he will break her heart. I’m sure the show will keep playing that idea up to keep us guessing about it, because they don’t want us to keep seeing the obvious fact that she’s in love with him. Also, how much fun would the show be if they didn’t keep showing us dramatic twists that make us second guess ourselves. 😉

Talk to you all soon!


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