Unmatched Sock Hanger Review

I am being paid for this post, and I received the included U.S.H. to facilitate my review. All opinions are 100% my own.

The U.S.H. is officially live, and I am so excited to share my Unmatched Sock Hanger review with all of you! The “U.S.H.” (Unmatched Sock Hanger) is simply a hanger that can be configured to hang vertically or horizontally from anywhere with perfect balance, minimum space requirements, and maximum visibility. It has 20 clips that can be easily moved around. The idea behind the name is that you can hang up all of those notorious, unmatched socks and eventually find their companions. The U.S.H. is good for so much more than that! The first place I thought to place it was in my daughter’s room.

I naturally thought about all of my daughter’s headbands and bows, which are in desperate need of organization. I have been keeping them in one of her drawers, but she is now at the age where she will throw all of them out onto the floor. This is the perfect solution! I can easily hang the U.S.H. in her closet or anywhere that you can hang a hook! It’s amazing how much you can fit on the hanger due to the convenient placement of the clips. I was even able to put bows that already had clips onto another part of the hanger.

Lana loves being able to feel like she is picking out her own things, so she really likes when I hang the U.S.H. on a door handle. I know she enjoys seeing all of the pretty colors displayed, also. Did you notice that the hanger is pink? It comes in pink, turquoise, dark blue,  gray, and clear. I had to pick pink for my Lana girl. 🙂

Look at that pride. 😉 I now have a place for all of Lana’s headbands and bows, and they are no longer stuffed into one of her drawers. It makes it so much easier to find something I want instead of digging through everything for a few minutes.

This Unmatched Sock Hanger review is my very honest opinion based on my experience of using it as a Mom. I know how messy and unorganized life can get. At least the U.S.H. can add a little order to your chaos. 😉 As soon as my Husband said that he would like one for the laundry room area, I really knew that this was a great product. I also picture using it for my many scarves that are tossed in a container in our closet right now. Many other bloggers who also tried out the U.S.H. found some really creative ways to use it. Check out the kick starter video by clicking on the link below for more details and to see all of the amazing ways the U.S.H. can organize your life! Lana even makes a quick appearance in the video. 😉 Enjoy!

U.S.H. kick starter video

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