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Happy Monday, everyone! I’ll be sharing my newest piece of Passiana statement jewelry today. I did a blog post on another piece of Passiana jewelry before as well. You can read it here. It has been a little bit since I talked to all of you. My family and I have been traveling more recently with our trip to New York City (so amazing) and our trip to Georgia to visit my Mom and Stepdad. Traveling the world is so healthy and inspiring for your soul. I’m so happy that we are getting to share that with Lana as well. Then there is family, of course. So important.

So this time I picked out Passiana’s “Spring Crystal Bib“. It’s a little bit of a bolder statement necklace than the “Lemon Drop Chain Necklace” I picked out before, and I really love the fun color combination! The detail that goes into this necklace is amazing. I chose to wear it with a neutral colored sweater dress that I got from the Banana Republic Factory Store recently and some booties I got from Payless last year.

Passiana statement jewelry is so unique, and I have been very impressed with every piece I have received so far. Any time that I need to add some more sophistication and emphasis to my outfit, I just put on one of my Passiana necklaces. As I have mentioned before, I usually gravitate towards more simple, delicate jewelry. However, every woman needs to have those special pieces of jewelry that she pulls out whenever she wants to make more of a statement! 😉

Passiana has received a ton of media attention, and there are so many women adding Passiana statement jewelry to their personal collections. So make sure to check out Passiana’s website! You will also want to keep an eye out for a special discount code that I will be sharing with my followers soon on Instagram! 🙂

I am also very excited today, because Questie (a Style & Fashion Feedback App) is at the Tech Style NYC event for New York Fashion Week. I recently announced that I was selected to be one of a few featured Style & Fashion Influencers on Questie (Rose_Lining)! So make sure to download the Questie App, and you can send me a Questie! 😉 Are you not sure if your shoes go with a certain outfit? I can send you my opinion by replying “yes” or “no”. It’s that easy!

I hope you all have a fabulous week! 🙂


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