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This post is sponsored by ILYMIX.COM. All opinions are 100% my own.

What is more perfect for Fall than a blanket scarf? If you have been wanting one, you should know that I just got the prettiest ILYMIX blanket scarf. ILYMIX has the cutest blanket scarves and accessories, and they have free shipping on everything no matter how little you are ordering! That’s how I like to shop. 🙂 I love the look of their website, and I had such a hard time deciding which blanket scarf I wanted. It was so difficult to choose, because I kept picturing how pretty all the different colors would look with certain outfits. I finally picked out this adorable, plaid, blanket scarf. It has a bit more of a blue touch to it than your regular, plaid scarf. I figured it would go well with my hair color and skin tone. The pops of wine color in it are so beautiful!

When I received my scarf, it came in the cutest packaging. It was so personal with my name, and it had such unique detailing with a bow tied around the scarf and a couple of sweet quotes on one of the cards. I even loved the font of the wording! Everything about this company is so lovely and fashionable. It’s definitely my kind of place to shop. The pricing is also great with most of their blanket scarves being $22.90 (+ free shipping).

I was so excited to get out and get some pictures with my ILYMIX blanket scarf. Our downtown area looks so Fall-like right now with all of the pretty red and orange leaves, so it was perfect for the occasion. The temperature has been so cool now, so I didn’t even get too hot wearing a sweater and a scarf (insert happy dance here).

I wore my ILYMIX blanket scarf with my new booties from Target, an old, Target sweater, and my dark denim, American Eagle jeans. My purse is the one from 88 that I talked about in a previous post. It’s amazing how cozy and Fall-like a pretty blanket scarf can make you feel. I was just thinking, “Now where’s my Starbuck’s coffee?” 😉

I have so many scarves, but I have been specifically wanting a blanket scarf for a long time. I’m so glad that my first one was an ILYMIX blanket scarf. For all of you who are wondering how I folded my scarf, it was actually pretty easy. I folded it in a big triangle first from one corner to the other farthest corner. Then I wrapped it around my neck with one side hanging lower than the other. Finally, I evened it and fluffed it out.

So now that you have all seen how cute my ILYMIX blanket scarf is, I have a special discount code for you! Use my code rose_lining at for 20% off your order! If you have been wanting a blanket scarf or a cute accessory for Fall and Winter, this is the perfect time to get one! 😉 I can promise you that you when you visit their website, you will wonder how it has been missing from your life (especially if you are super girly like me).

Happy shopping! I hope you have been having a wonderful Fall season so far! 🙂




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