Lattes and Cute Sidewalk Cafes

Who doesn’t just absolutely love lattes and cute sidewalk cafes?! 😉 I’m so excited to share my own collection of shirts that I personally designed called the Rose Lining Collection! I have been patiently waiting to share it with all of you. 🙂 There are three shirts in the collection, and they are each a different style. I tried to choose styles that everyone would love! Before I go into more detail about the shirts, I want to make sure I explain how the idea of “Lattes and Cute Sidewalk Cafes” was born!

First of all, you all know I love coffee (obviously)! 🙂 Second of all, I have always had this deep love and appreciation for the experience and happy mood that a really cute sidewalk cafe can give you. Whether you are in your small hometown sitting at a little, decorative table outside a cafe or you are visiting New York City and having a latte with your breakfast next to a busy street, you seem to get this feeling of peace and happiness. It’s just a bonus that the chairs and umbrellas are often really cute too. 😉 I can’t tell you how many pictures I took of cute sidewalk cafes when Ashton, Lana, and I visited NYC (not ashamed). If the weather is gorgeous, that’s just another bonus!

This grey “Flowey V” tee is $28 with free shipping, and you can get it here! It has the perfect, loose fit, and I am wearing a size Small.  It looks adorable with a cute pair of jeans or shorts during the Spring and Summer, and you can layer it in the Fall and Winter. It would also go well with leggings. 😉  I purposefully had the the word “LATTES” look like the font on the window of a coffee shop, and I added a bit of pretty cursive as well for the other words. The image of the table and chairs is just like I would imagine seeing outside of a French bistro. 🙂

This cute tank top is the perfect shade of pink, and it is $32 with free shipping. I am wearing a size Small, and it has a very relaxed, loose fit to it. You can pair it with anything, and tuck it in however you like! I’ve already had a bunch of family members say that they love and want this one. 😉 You can get it here.

This pretty, flowy top has a really cute back to it that you can see below! It is $34 with free shipping. I am wearing a Small, and it also has a loose fit to it. If you are looking for a tee with a bit more style to it (but still super comfortable), this one’s for you! Also, remember that black goes with everything. 😉 You can get it here.

So if you are a “Lattes and Cute Sidewalk Cafes” girl like I am, definitely grab one of these shirts! They are only available for a VERY limited time! Do you picture drinking a latte outside at a cute corner cafe in Paris, France, next to a cobblestone road with pretty flowers everywhere? Yeah, me too. 🙂 That’s like my ultimate dream right there. I know my fellow dreamer ladies are out there, so this collection is for you. 😉 Since this Rose Lining Collection is only available for a limited time, you will also have a very unique shirt that not very many other people have. If you want one of these shirts (or a couple) before they are gone, you can get them by clicking on the link below. Everything ships for free (currently only shipping inside the United States).

Click here if you want a “Lattes and Cute Sidewalk Cafes” shirt!

I hope you all have a great rest of your week, and feel free to share this with anyone you think may love a “Lattes and Cute Sidewalk Cafes” shirt in their life. 🙂


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