Striped Dolly Top + Thoughts on Being an Introvert

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striped dolly top


First of all, happy Friday! 🙂 I hope you have all had a good week. Today I’m talking about this really cute, striped dolly top and also sharing my thoughts on being an introvert. I have only talked about this with a few close friends and family, but that’s probably because I am an introvert. 😉 Introverts need to have time alone to recharge consistently, because they are naturally over stimulated and lose energy from their environment. The opposite is true for extroverts who are under stimulated and gain energy from their environment. I learned a lot about this in college, and I can definitely say that I have been an introvert my whole life. High school was hard for me due to this reason, so I mainly focused on my school work. I liked College a lot better. 🙂

striped dolly top

Before I go into more detail, I have to share more about this adorable, striped dolly top. It is actually on sale right now for $33.68, and I am wearing a size S/M. It fits perfectly, and the silhouette is so feminine and flattering! Don’t even get me started on the lace detailing! It also has really cute, flare sleeves. It’s a great top to have, because it instantly makes a simple pair of jeans or shorts look so darling. 🙂 This dolly top is another lovely piece by Chicwish, and you all know how much I love their stuff from my previous posts. You can read my previous post about an adorable, embroidered Summer dress here.

striped dolly top

striped dolly top

As I was saying, I have been an introvert my whole life, and lots of times people confuse being introverted with being shy. Sometimes people may even think that you don’t like them, because you don’t say very much in a public setting. This can be so far from the truth. I’m sure all of you introverts out there can relate. I have a very small group of close family and friends that I feel 100% comfortable around, and they can definitely tell you that I talk way too much. 🙂 Introverts are just so aware of their own feelings and other peoples’ feelings when talking that small talk doesn’t feel genuine, and it makes them feel uncomfortable. Introverts would much rather sit down with one person (maybe two) and have a really deep conversation about things that are important to them. It takes a lot of quality time for us to grow that trust we need to feel completely comfortable around someone.

striped dolly top

Introverts can also be underestimated. I know all of you introverts out there are some pretty amazing people! Some of the most successful people in history have been introverts (just Google it). 😉 We may not prefer to speak in public or lead a group, but we can sure do an awesome job at it when we get the task! For example, I had several classes in College where speeches were required, and you can bet that I didn’t want to get up in front of everyone and talk for what seemed like forever. That was one of the scariest things for me, but then I ended up getting first place in both of my main speeches that semester. Then later I got first place for my presentation at a state Psychology convention my Senior year. This was a great lesson for me. You can proudly be an introvert, but just make sure to share the gifts God gave you with the world. He wants your light to shine just as much as anyone else’s. When my daughter, Lana, was born, it made me push myself even harder to be the best version of myself.

striped dolly top

You are all so special, and you have so much to offer the world. Don’t let personal fear or getting too comfortable with your routine keep you from shining your light. I will honestly always prefer time with just me, Ashton, and Lana, and I will continue to be confident and proud of the introvert I am. Just like you should if you are an extrovert. We should all be proud of who we are and the way God made us. All of you extroverts are amazing too…after all, I fell in love with one in College. 😉 The funny thing is that Ashton is now almost as introverted as me (but that’s a whole other topic)! My point is to just happily be who you are, but don’t let anything get in the way of something that can make you better or help others.

So if you are an introvert, take some time to do some things out of your comfort zone. If you are an extrovert, maybe take some time for yourself. 😉

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! Make sure to check out this cute, striped dolly top by Chicwish! You can also shop my look below (jean shorts are older from Target and bag is older from Kate Spade). 🙂

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