Life Update: How to Deal with Stress as a Mom

how to deal with stress

I hope everyone is having a wonderful new year so far! Last time I talked to you guys was around Christmas, and I want to give you a life update today about the scary thing that happened to us at the end of December. I also want to share some tips on how to deal with stress as a Mom. I really feel like I need to get this off my chest, and I also want to give other Moms (and future Moms) some useful information that can help them not be as scared as we were when Lana’s ER visit happened.

It was the Thursday after Christmas, and Lana developed a cough late at night. We knew that a lot of sickness (especially the flu) was going around, and we had been around a bunch of family at Christmas time (usually how sickness spreads). So we decided that we would take Lana to the doctor the next day to be careful.

The next morning Lana started acting very weird all of sudden. She started acting very weak and tired, and she even started to lay down on the floor. We could tell she didn’t feel well at all, so I called the doctor right away. They said to go ahead and head that way, and they could fit us in since she is so young.We got her dressed and in the car, and we started driving to the doctor. When we were about halfway there, I started to look in the back mirror that faces her. I could just sense that something wasn’t right. *Disclaimer – the part coming up is disturbing.*

A Parent’s Worst Nightmare

I could see in the mirror that she was staring blankly into space and completely still. There were also bubbles coming out of her mouth. I hopped in the backseat as fast as I could at this point. This is when I experienced one of the most terrifying moments in my life. Lana started going unconscious, kept having a bunch of spit and bubbles coming out of her mouth, her limbs started jerking, and her lips starting turning blue. You can only imagine the thoughts that were crossing my mind in that moment. She couldn’t respond to anything I was saying, and I felt completely helpless. how to deal with stress

Ashton was also absolutely terrified in this moment, because he couldn’t see what was going on. I began taking her outer layers of clothing off and called 911. I frantically told them what was happening, where we were driving, and that we were going to pull into a specific parking lot. They told me that they would be there as fast as they could. Once we got to the parking lot, it seemed like every second lasted an eternity. Ashton and I were thinking the absolute worst (wouldn’t every parent?). I had no idea what was happening to my baby girl.

We Finally Find Out What Happened

A police car and an ambulance arrived very soon, and once they got to the car Lana had started crying and moaning with her eyes pinned shut. They told me this was a good sign at this point, and that she had experienced a seizure. They said it was most likely from a high temperature. I chose to ride with her in the ambulance to the hospital, because they said they could help us if she started to have another one.

Once we got to the hospital, it took her about one to two hours to completely come out of it. The nice man in the ambulance said it is completely normal for a child to take one to even eight hours (horrible) to completely reset their brain after a seizure. She finally started acting herself again at the hospital and responding to me and Ashton (thank goodness). The doctor ended up telling us that it is very common for children under 5 to experience seizures from a high temperature. He also said that Lana tested negative for anything serious. He said that it was due to some virus that she picked up, and that we should just switch giving her children’s Tylenol and Ibuprofen every few hours as directed. Once they said we were good to leave, we picked her up some medicine, and then we snuggled her in at home.

Now I am going to share how I dealt with the stress after all of this:

How to Deal with Stress as a Mom

  • Pray – I honestly don’t know how I would have made it through that terrifying moment without continuously asking for God’s help in my mind. I believe he gave me the strength to stay focused and do what I needed to do in that moment for Lana. When that happened, I felt like I was completely numb. There was no way I could have done anything without God’s help.
  • Research – The more you know about what has happened to your child or anyone in your family, the more you will feel ready to deal with it in the future. I read so many articles online about the kind of seizure that Lana experienced, and now I feel so much better. Something like that will always be completely terrifying, but if you know what is happening and how to deal with it ahead of time, it makes it a little bit easier to handle. I just wish that I had known about it ahead of time, so we wouldn’t have thought the worst. That’s what made it so traumatizing, and that’s why I want to share it with as many Moms as possible.
  • Do Your Best and Let Go – As a Mom, you are always going to worry. It’s just how we are built. All you can do is your best everyday to take care of the beautiful child(ren) God gave you and just deal with everything as it comes to your best ability. As much as I have been stressed and anxious over the past couple weeks, I have done what I need to do to feel better about everything and now will just continue to be the best I can be for Lana and Ashton.

The Point of This Post

Being a Mom can be SO hard, and we just need to know that none of us are alone. We are all dealing with a lot of the same worries and concerns. I have spoken with a bunch of you about this, and it makes me feel so much better.

If you are ever worried or anxious, I hope you can refer back to this post and remember the ways I have mentioned on how to deal with stress. They are very simple, but they help a ton no matter who you are! If I could hope for anything to come from this post, it would be to help any Moms or future Moms out there to be prepared if something similar happens to them. It will all be okay.

If you want to learn more about febrile seizures and what to do, you can go here:

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Thank you for all of your love and support!  Lana is completely better now, and we are ready to have a wonderful new year. 🙂 I wish all of you and your families lots of health and happiness in 2018 and beyond!




how to deal with stress

how to deal with stress


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