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entry table decor

Happy Monday, friends! Did all of you watch the Super Bowl last night? My favorite part was the Justin Timberlake performance! I also liked the commercials. 🙂 Lana fell asleep at the very beginning…we have all been so tired this week! I did make time to run to Gordmans this past week, though! I have partnered with them again to share this cozy, functional entry table decor look that also has a modern farmhouse feel! The best part is that everything I got for our entry table was just $20 or less! Now before I go too crazy with the details, here is what our entry table was like before I added everything from Gordmans.

entry table decor

I know! It was SO sad looking! We haven’t really taken time to get any entry table decor, because we always knew that our two-year-old daughter, Lana, would have way too much fun with it! 😉 We also didn’t feel like spending a bunch of money on more decor (which can really add up)! However, Lana has gotten so much better now with not getting into certain things, and (like I mentioned above) all of the entry table decor we got was just $20 or less!

entry table decor

I knew when I walked into Gordmans what kind of look I was really wanting, so I just had to find the right decor! My goal was to create something cozy and welcoming, while also being functional. I also had my heart set on having that “modern farmhouse” vibe. I am usually so picky about wall decor, but I absolutely fell in love with this “Home Sweet Home” wooden sign! The font and coloring are so perfect (usually what I am the most picky about), and the rustic look to the frame is simply lovely! This became what I would base the rest of the entry table decor around, and it was just $20!

entry table decor

entry table decor

For the top of the table, I grabbed a fresh white vase, “happy” looking flowers to put in the vase, a cute succulent plant, a pretty lamp (we need the extra light behind the couch badly), and a rustic frame for a picture of our family. I would have also gotten a candle while I was there, but I already own a wax melter. I will give you the pricing for each item I got at the bottom of this post. 🙂

entry table decor

For under the table, I made the decor more cozy and functional. I grabbed a pretty, wicker basket to put a pillow and blanket in. Gordmans has so many different sizes of baskets, which was very helpful! We have also been needing some newer pillows, so I snatched up a two-pack of really soft and fuzzy, grey pillows! I had to get the pillow with cute wooden buttons on it, along with a plush blanket that is a pretty light grey color with a floral design. I figured that the “Wifey” pillow would be perfect for this special, little spot that I decorated (I had never owned any decor that says that until now)! It would also be such a great gift to give in a basket with other things for a bridal shower! The font is perfect, and the little heart is so darling! 🙂

entry table decor

I am so happy with everything I found, and the new entry table decor has made our house so much more welcoming and cozy! 🙂 You can easily grab everything in this post at your nearest Gordmans, and I am going to list the price of each item below:

Entry Table Decor – $20 and Under

  • “Home Sweet Home” Wooden Sign – Just $20!
  • Antique Lamp – Just $20!
  • White Vase – $8!
  • Mini Flower Bundles – $4 for each bundle! I got 6 of them!
  • Succulent Plant – $10!
  • Rustic Picture Frame – $8!
  • Storage Wicker Basket with Handles – $11!
  • “Wifey” Pillow – $13! This would be a great bridal shower gift!
  • Grey Pillows (come in pack of 2) – Just $20!
  • Pillow with Wooden Buttons – $15!
  • Grey plush blanket – $13!

If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below! I love to hear from you! 🙂 Also, if you didn’t catch my last post about Gordmans, you can read it here! It is all about cozy gifts! More information about Gordmans’ “Lowest Price Guarantee” (which is great) is included in that post as well!

I hope you are all having a great start to February! I am honestly just ready for Spring. 🙂

Have a great day and happy decorating, friends!





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