Toddler Summer Outfit Sale + Father’s Day Weekend

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Hello, my friends! 🙂 We had a really good Father’s Day weekend, and a lot of our fun involved food! I’m just sharing a little bit of what we did today + a toddler Summer outfit sale going on with all of my favorite picks (for toddler girls)!


We always enjoy grabbing a treat or two on the weekends, and froyo trips are always so much fun! Lana definitely always loves everything about it! If you can tell from the picture above, she was obviously focused on one thing. 😉

Lots of you usually guess right on Instagram that my froyo order includes A LOT of good stuff. I usually get a mixture of literally everything, and Ashton tends to think I’m crazy. I get chocolate, caramel, and pecan flavors with an additional bit of berry sorbet. Then I add shredded coconut, a little bit of chocolate sprinkles and chocolate chips, and a couple raspberries on top. I know. I’m living life on the edge. 😉 Ashton always gets things that complement each other perfectly. He usually gets the cheesecake flavor and tops it with shredded coconut, graham cracker, and peanuts.


We went out for the day on Saturday just to look around a bit at some stores, and Ashton had a sudden craving for smoothies! So we went to Smoothie King, and it was seriously SO delicious! I got the “Açaí Adventure” (AMAZING), and Ashton got some kind of coffee/protein shake. Lana got the “Choc-A-Laka”. She loved it! It just sounds like her kind of drink. 😉 I’m so glad that we have a Smoothie King in our city. If you want to look at their menu, click here. We also ended up going out to eat with my Dad and StepMom for Father’s Day. It was a good day!


We always go to Church on Sunday mornings, and then we ended up going to grab some more groceries. So much fun, right?! Oddly enough, Ashton and I have actually been having fun getting groceries lately. We have been buying a lot more produce and just trying to have better food around at home. One thing we have been doing is cooking a bunch of chicken ahead of time, and then we cut it up and put it in salads throughout the week! I have also been getting dark chocolate that is mostly cacao (pure form of chocolate that has more beneficial nutrients than cocoa). I will eat it for dessert at night! I am all about moderation, though. We eat pretty healthy meals at home and don’t eat out that much, but I always let myself have a treat or craving when I want it. 🙂

Later yesterday afternoon, we grilled out at home and just had some quality family time! 🙂 I hope you all had a great day yesterday! I just have to say that I’m so thankful for Ashton and how good of a Father he is to Lana. It’s really the simple things that mean so much. He is so silly with her and loving at the same time. He also ALWAYS helps me with her in every aspect. The best part is knowing that she will grow up feeling so loved and confident in who she is.

Toddler Summer Outfit Sale

I’m going to link a bunch of toddler outfits (including bathing suits) below that are on sale at Old Navy right now! This is one of my favorite places to shop for Lana, because they have such cute, chic clothing for children! It’s also always so affordable! I’ve also linked some things that she already owns!

Let me know if you guys want me to share more things like this toddler Summer outfit sale! I hope you all have a wonderful start to your week!




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