Tassel Tote Bag + 5 Ways to Get Noticed by Brands on Instagram

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tassel tote bag

Hello, everyone! It is raining again this morning, and I love it! It always makes the morning so peaceful! 🙂 I’m sharing this adorable tassel tote bag from Misa Jane today (under $35), and I’m also sharing some ways to get noticed by brands on Instagram! I have been getting some more questions related to this, and I figured I would share what I know at this point in my Instagram journey. I have so much more to learn and am constantly learning every single day, but I know that every bit of information helps when you are starting out!

tassel tote bag

First, I want to share more about this gorgeous tassel tote bag! It is really affordable at $34, and it is absolutely perfect for the Summer! Whether you have plans to go on vacation, you already live by a beach, or you just want to add a fun, Summer accessory to your wardrobe, it is just what you need! Plus, it’s very on trend right now. 🙂 As a Mom, I also love it because you can fit a TON in it – snacks, extra outfits, toys, whatever! 😉

tassel tote bag

tassel tote bag

Just look at the beautiful detail on it! I think it’s also very important to mention that this tassel tote bag comes from a boutique with a great cause. If you want to read the boutique’s personal, inspirational story, you can go to their website here, and read it by clicking on “Give Back” at the bottom. They donate a portion of all their proceeds to charities that support women and children, and they have a strong passion to bring awareness to domestic violence, sexual assault, and exploitation.

While you are visiting their boutique online, I also have a discount code for you! Get 20% off your order on the Misa Jane website with code “HANNAH20” (expires in 48 hours)!  That would make the tassel tote bag under $28. 😉

Now for the 5 ways to get noticed by brands on Instagram!

5 Ways to Get Noticed by Brands on Instagram

1. Post Consistently

Once you decide that you want to work with brands on Instagram, you have to start setting some serious goals. Do you want to do 1 post every single day of the week or a post Monday through Friday. Whatever you decide, it has to become very important in your mind. If you want to start treating Instagram like a business, you have to treat it like a real job.

A lot of people think that working with brands is just receiving free products and posting pictures of them. There is SO much more work to it than that (I can talk about this more in other blog posts). There is a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes all day long, so just make sure that you have a passionate reason to get started with blogging/social media and understand that it takes a lot of patience and dedication. Once you start, you might not make actual money for a long time. So that is why I say you have to be passionate about it and not just expect free clothes/instant compensation.

2. Quality Over Quantity

Make sure that you are setting the bar high for the kind of content you are creating. You have to start being a lot more picky about what you are posting on Instagram, and you need to make sure that it is high quality. When I say high quality, I mean that the picture needs to be very crisp and clear, and it should provide some kind of value for your audience. A lot of times, the editing of the picture becomes very important to your brand. I will mention that more below.

Of course, there are always understandable exceptions. If you have a very real moment in life that was captured, but the picture quality isn’t the best, your followers will normally appreciate seeing the candid moment and not judge the lack of picture quality. The same thing goes for a memory from your past that you might post every now and then.

3. Engage with Your Followers

Brands want to see that you have a loyal following, so you need to build relationships with your followers. Make sure that you are responding to their comments. Brands want to see that your followers are interested in what you have to say, and they are interacting with your posts (whether that be by liking or commenting on your posts). They are ultimately interested in working with influencers who will bring them a return on their investment.

So if brands are sending you a product or giving you compensation, they want to know that your followers will ultimately be interested in buying their product or learning more about their brand. This is why it is very important to only work with brands that you really love or believe in. If your followers start seeing that you are sharing absolutely anything that comes your way, or you are obviously posting a random ad every single day, you become less trustworthy. I am normally very selective about any brands that I want to work with. I always ask myself, “Is this a product I would actually want to buy and try out myself?”

4. Create the Right Aesthetic

When I say the “right aesthetic”, I mean the right aesthetic for you. What kind of a vibe or feel do you want people to get when they come to your Instagram profile? What look do you want it to have? Do you want it to have a more colorful look or more of a desaturated look? Do you want it to have warmer or cooler tones? This is all very important, because it represents your brand’s personality, and it can also help you work with certain brands.

If a brand’s motto is all about living life colorfully, they aren’t normally going to want to work with a blogger/social media influencer who has a very dark, desaturated Instagram feed. Another brand might want to work with that aesthetic, but that is why you need to decide what look you are going for and what brands you want to work with. What do you want your aesthetic or style to be?

5. Reach Out to Brands Yourself

No matter how amazing your Instagram feed or blog may be, a lot of great brands will still never find you. The internet is a very large place! So if you really want to start working with brands, start reaching out to them yourself! You can do this by finding a contact email on their website or sometimes you can message them on Instagram too. I personally usually like to find a contact email, because I look at that as being more professional. It shows that you took the time out to look up more about them. Sometimes you can’t find a contact email, so then you just do what you need to do.

You can also join blogger platforms where you can apply for opportunities and brands can find you. My two favorite platforms right now are Fohr Card and Activate. Another good tip is to look at bloggers/social media influencers who have a similar number of followers as you. See what brands they are working with and try to reach out to them (if you genuinely like or are interested in the brand)! 🙂

What Are Your Goals?

I am definitely not an expert on this subject, and I still have so much to learn! You just have to ask yourself what your goals are and where you eventually want to be in life. If you want to try out blogging or being a social media influencer, research as much as you can and just start doing it. 🙂 Pinterest and Google are great resources for learning how to start a blog and more. There is so much information when it comes to all of this, so just let me know what specific topics you would like me to talk about next! It is definitely a whole different world, but bloggers and social media influencers have become such a BIG part of how brands advertise.

I hope this information helped answer some questions! Don’t forget to check out the Misa Jane website for the tassel tote bag and more! Use “HANNAH20” for 20% off your order! 🙂 It expires in 48 hours, so act fast!

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Happy Shopping, and enjoy the tassel tote bag! 😉





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