Ultimate Fall Movie List to Use Every Year

Fall movie list


Happy Thursday, friends! Today I’m sharing the Fall movie list that I told you guys about! This is an ultimate list of all the movies Ashton and I love to watch/want to watch during the Fall season. Many of you know that we are movie obsessed, and we actually own over 500 movies (crazy, right?!). So hopefully this Fall movie list can give you an idea of what to watch when you need some inspiration! 🙂

Ultimate Fall Movie List

  • Hocus Pocus – This one is obvious, because it’s the best movie (in my opinion) to watch in the Fall or close to Halloween. It has the perfect Fall/Halloween vibes, and it really makes me miss this time of year as a kid! I’ve already watched it several times (not ashamed)! If you haven’t seen it, we need to have a serious discussion!
  • Halloween Series – These movies are always necessary! Did you know that they had a really low budget for the first movie, so they had to actually paint paper leaves to make it look like it was Fall?! Creativity at its finest!
  • Halloweentown Series – I started watching this series when I was a kid, and I still love these movies so much! They are so much fun! They scream Halloween time! I still remember being excited when I saw the big pumpkin at the opening credits of the first one so long ago!
  • Insidious Series // The Conjuring & Annabelle Series // Sinister Series – I listed all of these movies series together, because I love them all for the same reason! They have very original plots, and they are very creepy!
  • Scream Series – “What’s your favorite movie?” You just have to watch these! 🙂
  • Nightmare on Elm Street Series – These movies will always make you scared to fall asleep!
  • Alfred Hitchcock Classics – If you like older movies or want to try some, any of these would be a great start!
    • Psycho
    • The Birds
    • Strangers on a Train
    • Shadow of a Doubt
    • Really any of his movies!
  • Vincent Price Movies – This man is the king of older, horror movies! Trust me. 😉 Also, did you know that he is the creepy voice in Michael Jackson’s famous music video “Thriller”?!
    • House of Wax
    • House on Haunted Hill
    • Any movies he is in are usually SO good!
  • Classic Monster Movies
    • Dracula
    • Frankenstein
    • The Invisible Man
    • Creature from the Black Lagoon
    • These are a few of our favorites, but any of the classics would be good!
  • Stephen King Movies
    • IT (old and new one)
    • 1922 (We just watched this last night!)
    • Children of the Corn
    • Storm of the Century
    • The Mist
    • The Shining
    • All Stephen King movies are so good!
  • The Wolfman (2010) – I watched this a few years ago by myself, and then I just watched it again not too long ago with Ashton! We both liked it!
  • The Raven – Based on the Edgar Allan Poe poem!
  • The Mummy Series – Brendan Fraser is so perfect in The Mummy!
  • Amityville Horror Series – Definitely watch these if you like movies about haunted houses! It’s based on a true story!
  • The Omen series – Ashton finally watched this whole series with me!
  • Jeepers Creepers Series – Ashton is scared of the guy in these movies, but don’t tell him I told you. 😉
  • Sleepy Hollow – This has Johnny Depp in it, and it’s about the headless horseman!
  • The Haunting (original one) – This is an older movie about a haunted mansion, and it has such eerie vibes!
  • The Spiral Staircase – This one’s an older movie that’s fun to watch on a chilly, Fall day (about a serial killer)!
  • Burnt Offerings – This is a slowly building, scary movie, and the end will terrify you!

Some newer ones we have watched and loved:

  • The Witch – They do a really good job of giving you the chills with this movie, and it’s very original!
  • A Quiet Place – I love John Krasinski, and he and his wife (Emily Blunt) are in this movie together! John Krasinski also directed this movie, and I just heard that they are coming out with a sequel too!

Some newer ones we want to watch:

  • The new Halloween movie coming out this Fall – Jamie Lee Curtis will be in it again, and the director of the original is the executive producer!
  • Hereditary – We almost watched this last weekend, but we are waiting to get it on sale this coming weekend! It’s by the same people who made The Witch, and it looks SO scary!
  • The Nun – This is the newest sequel to The Conjuring, and it looks so creepy!

Your Fall Movie List Recommendations

I asked you guys on Instagram if you had any specific, Fall movie list recommendations, and most of you said Hocus Pocus (my kind of people)! That obviously isn’t much of a surprise, and then one of you also mentioned To Kill a Mockingbird. That one is definitely a good one to watch as the weather gets cooler, and it also teaches a great lesson. It’s a classic, and many of you probably read the book in school!

Feel free to share this list with your family and friends! I made this list pretty quickly, so I will probably add and update things that I forgot over time!

Also, if you didn’t get a chance to read my previous post about affordable Fall activities, just click here.

I hope you all have a great, long weekend, and hopefully you get to watch some good movies! 😉



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