Cute and Cozy Picks Under $50 at Abercrombie


Hello, friends! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! We had a really nice time with my family that was visiting, and Lana absolutely loved it. 🙂 We ate lots of good food, and Ashton was so happy that the Chiefs won again on Sunday! My Mom and Stepdad also have 2 yorkies, so Lana always enjoys having some dogs in the house. Our cat, Mila, usually hides out the whole time, so she is happy to have the whole house to herself again. 😉

I also can’t believe that it’s already almost November, and it has definitely been getting colder outside! I have cute and cozy outfits on my mind, so I’m sharing a bunch of my cozy picks under $50 from Abercrombie today! There are so many affordable items available right now! I already own the snap-up fleece (on sale) in the picture above, and I also just ordered their Sherpa Pullover that is on sale as well. If you want to see everything I order on a consistent basis, you can always go to my blog’s “My Purchases” page. For size reference, I normally order an XS at Abercrombie.

Shop My Cute and Cozy Picks Under $50 Below!

If you guys ever have a specific retailer that you want me to do this for, just let me know! 🙂 I normally just share the places that I honestly order from on a consistent basis. I love everything that I have ordered from Abercrombie so far, and they have great sales! It’s also fun to rack up points with them, so I can get special rewards. 😉

Do you all have any big plans for the rest of October? The biggest thing I am looking forward to is Halloween, so that I can see Lana have a blast and dress up like a cute witch! She is already so excited, so hopefully the weather won’t be too cold. Then once Halloween is over, you know that it will be all about Christmas everywhere (even though Thanksgiving is technically next). I don’t mind it, though! I’ll take any excuse to feel cozy and cheerful! I love when I finally get to start watching the Hallmark Christmas movies and making hot cocoa! I’ll stop now. 🙂

Have a great rest of your week!


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