Toddler Witch Halloween Costume Under $20 + Party Recap

toddler witch halloween costume

Hey friends! Happy almost Halloween! 🙂 I have been so busy since yesterday, because Lana’s Halloween party was today at school! I helped put it together, and she had SO much fun! Lana wanted to be a fun witch this year for Halloween, so I figured I would just share how I put together a toddler witch Halloween costume for under $20!

Toddler Witch Halloween Costume Under $20

  • Black Long Sleeved Shirt from Old Navy ($5 on sale)
  • Black Leggings (already had)
  • Toddler Witch Hat ($3 at Target dollar section)
  • Black and Orange Striped Socks ($1 at Target dollar section)
  • Toddler Orange Glitter Tutu ($3 at Target dollar section)
  • Toddler Multi-Colored Striped Tutu ($3 at Target dollar section)
  • Small Decorative Witch Broom ($3 at Target dollar section)
  • Toddler Boots (already had)

I wanted Lana to have a a really fun, lighthearted witch costume this year (something like what Dani wore on Hocus Pocus). 🙂 When I found the fun toddler tutus (size 3+ ) in the Target dollar section, the whole idea came together! We just put the multi-colored tutu over the orange glitter tutu, and it looks so pretty like that! I had already grabbed the cute broom in the dollar section a few weeks back, because I knew it would be the perfect size for Lana!

I always lean towards doing DIY costumes for Lana, because they are always so affordable and end up being way more creative and unique! Lana and I were both cats a couple years ago, and we both just wore black tops and leggings with cat ears and cat tails. Then I drew on our whiskers! If you want to see our cat outfits on Pinterest, just click here.

Halloween Party Recap

If you saw my Insta Stories on Instagram today, you know Lana had a great time at her Halloween party at school! Lana and her classmates went from room to room at school to show their costumes, and the teachers and students gave them candy! Then we came back to her classroom, and they had Halloween snacks and drinks. They also did a fun Halloween craft and played a game. I had a big pumpkin cauldron that the kids threw pumpkin shaped cookie cutters in, and I was amazed at how into it they got! Then they got some treat bags filled with a few fun prizes. The party ended with them having a dance party in the dark!

I hope you all have a great Halloween tomorrow! Then we all know that it will be all about Christmas the next day. 😉 If you ever want to create an affordable toddler witch Halloween costume like this, hopefully this helps! You can always find SO many good things in the Target dollar section! Just find that one great piece to build things around!

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Talk to you soon! 🙂


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