My Favorite Drugstore Products That I Use Consistently

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Hey, friends! I recently asked a bunch of questions on Instagram, and some of you wanted me to talk more about my favorite drugstore products! So today I have rounded up everything that I use consistently from the drugstore! You can literally find everything linked below in my bathroom. 🙂

I always love sharing drugstore products, because I think we all appreciate finding products that actually work for a very affordable price! If you have any questions about the products below, feel free to ask!

You can get every product I have linked at Target (except one), because I know how much you all love Target too. 😉

Shop My Favorite Drugstore Products Below!

I have used many of the products above for a long time. Then there are also some that I started using more recently and love. For example, I used the Cetaphil face wash for a long time, but my skin always felt pretty dry with it (especially after using my Differin prescription). It always did a great job at cleaning my face, but I was always looking for something that could hydrate my skin even more.

I recently picked up the CeraVe facial cleanser and moisturizing lotion (after hearing amazing things for a long time). It gives me that extra hydration I have been wanting! I love it! 🙂 It’s very comparable to the Cetaphil face wash, but it also makes my face feel so soft and hydrated!

Also, if you have bumpy skin (keratosis pilaris), I just started using the Aveeno body wash that I linked and am obsessed! Just look at the reviews! It feels amazing on my legs and makes my skin so soft! I also use another product for bumpy skin that is linked on my Amazon page.

I could talk about all of these products forever, so just let me know if you have any questions! I’m also constantly updating my blog tabs (see below) with my favorite products!

-My Makeup Favorites -My Skincare Favorites – My Hair Favorites

I hope this has been helpful for all of you, and I want to continue sharing whatever you guys want to see! 🙂

Happy almost Friday!


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